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During these unusual times, we want to continue to support our clients in empowering their employees to feel their best. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, we are launching the 'work from home community' - a digital pop-up service offering interactive, virtual classes delivered by our pool of expert partner-practitioners. 

This temporary digital service also helps us to support the Urban practitioners on our platform, who are self-employed, to get through this tough period financially with an alternative revenue stream. 

A digital pop-up to help your employees keep well while working from home.

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Live digital sessions

Specially curated 1:1 and group workshops delivered by Urban's expert practitioners via two-way video stream, focusing on the following areas of wellbeing in order to help your employees work better at home:

- Mental wellbeing

Including mindfulness, meditation, CBT, counselling

- Fitness

Including yoga, pilates, personal training

- Nutritional wellbeing

- Physiotherapy

Including work-station assessments

- Financial wellbeing

Tips on looking after your employees when they're working from home

With an increasing number of companies enforcing long-term work from home policies in response to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s important to consider the impact on employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. But how can you ensure they are equipped to work productively, look after their health and remain engaged throughout a challenging time?

Visit the Urban blog for content from our work from home series.

Help us support Urban practitioners

We understand what a challenging time this is for businesses, as a still-scaling start-up ourselves, and particularly for our network of self-employed practitioners who are facing an uphill battle financially, operationally and emotionally.

By enabling them to continue offering their services via an alternative method of delivery, we hope that we can help them to continue to make a living and support them during these unusual times.

We are exploring ways we can act fast to create a financial support fund for our self-employed partners and their businesses. We will share more information about the fund and ways to support it on this page.

A community for like-minded HR and wellbeing professionals

It's not just employees who need support during these unprecedented times. That’s why we’ve created the Workplace Wellbeing Community - a forum dedicated to HR and wellbeing professionals to partake in discussions on how to best cater for this new world of working, share valuable resources and connect with one another throughout this challenging period.

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