Want to provide massage therapy with Theragun on Urban?

We’re excited to announce that we've joined forces with percussive therapy experts Theragun to bring your clients a brand new massage experience. Theragun is the original percussive therapy device and backed by over a decade of research of development it's safe to say they know a thing about the benefits of percussive therapy.

The treatment

Theragun provides deep long-lasting release of muscle tension in just 2 minutes, allowing the hands-on work to be more effective and relieve tensions quicker during treatments. The theragun reaches 60% deeper into the muscle which prepares your muscles to receive deeper techniques without damaging the tissues. 

It helps improve range of motion and flexibility, promote faster muscle recovery, release muscle soreness and tension.  

Helps with: Knots, reduced mobility, fatigue, tension & soreness.

Pressure:  Light to deep with a mix of Theragun and hands-on technique.

Need to know

Earn up to £62 for a 60 min treatment

The criteria

You'll need a level 3 or higher sports massage or deep tissue qualification.

A breakdown of your pay can be found here

Cutting edge digital training

Save by booking through Urban

You'll be trained by Theragun's team of coaches & have access to the Therabody alumni so you can continue to up-skill and learn beyond your training.

Save cash by buying your Theragun and Licensed Massage Therapist training through Urban.

Therapist criteria

You'll need to have a Sports therapy or Deep tissue level 3 or higher qualification are able to offer the treatment.

The Theragun will be used as part of a sports massage. You'll be advised in your training how much or how little the Theragun should be used in your treatments.

The training

Theragun offer best in class digital and live virtual training using cutting edge content, impact-driven science-based programming led by top coaches, PTs, and professionals in health and fitness.

Your training will give you education credits and will allow you to leverage newfound protocols and principles to take your treatments to the next level.

You'll also get access to the Therabody alumni network where you can keep elevating your knowledge and professional career.

Sign up for Theragun training

Choose your training package

You can read more about each Theragun by clicking on "buy training package"

Pay for your device & training

Pay in full or take advantage of buy now pay later options with Klarna

We'll send your code to access training

We'll send you a unique code to access your Theragun training within 5 working days

Get certified

Send us a copy of your certificate and proof that your Theragun device has arrived and we'll get the Theragun sports massage added to your profile

Need more information? Check out the treatment FAQs here.

Training & device packages

Theragun PRO

Theragun Elite

  • Digital Licensed Massage Therapist Course (usual price £38)
  • Theragun PRO device. Powerfully quiet, professional-grade performance. (usual price £549)
  • Free delivery
  • 2-year warranty
  • Option to split payments with Klarna
  • Free Digital Licensed Massage Therapist Course (usual price £38)
  • Theragun Elite device. The quietest Theragun in a elevated, premium design. (usual price £375)
  • Free delivery
  • 2-year warranty
  • Option to split payments with Klarna



RRP £587

RRP £413

Or 3 interest free payments of £164 with Klarna

Or 3 interest free payments of £112 with Klarna

Already have a Theragun?

If you already have a Theragun PRO or Elite, you may be able to offer the Theragun treatment. 

To offer the treatment you'll need to complete the Theragun Licensed Massage Therapist training or provide your certificate if you already have. 

If you've had your Theragun device for less than 12 months your training will be free of charge. If you've had your device for over 12 months, you'll need to pay £38 for your training.

To book training or let us know that you've already completed it please email us on resources@urban.co with the following: 

  • The serial number from your Theragun device
  • A photo of your Theragun device
  • If already training, a copy of your certificate

Any questions?

Feel free to drop us an email at resources@urban.co

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